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A Daycare for Children in a Coffee Community

We provide service to 55 kids

About the project


 Las Nubes Afterschool and Learning Centre assists the region’s most vulnerable children with their school work, incorporates activities that increase self-esteem for both children and parents, and creates an environment where education is more directly embedded in the community. Through the project, Las Nubes help to level the playing field for children living in rural poverty, creating opportunities for them to succeed at school and enhance their future prospects.  



Daycare Centre improves Children`s Education providing them a safe place to develop their skills, do Art, and learn about  Care of the Environment.

Nutrition and Health

Las Nubes Daycare provide daily nutricional meals and medical check- ups.  We promote Healthy Practices and Good Nutrition.

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Beneficiary:  Asoc de Desarrollo Sostenible Paraxaj.  

IBAN: GT76-INDL-0101-0000-0006-2002-2251

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Las Nubes Daycare Centre

Acatenango, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

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