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Banco Industrial
Account Number 062-002225-1
Asoc de Des Sostenible Paraxaj
IBAN GT76-INDL-0101-0000-0006-2002-2251



With your contribution, we can help more children and women with education and health information. Thanks to you they build on a better future.

Support Our Students Monthly.

In the list below you can choose on which you like to support our Daycare Centre. 

$  20: Provides a daily healthy snack to 42 students.
$  50: Provides toilet paper, thootpaste, soap, and cleaning supplies.
$100: Provides for 6 months materials for classes, art, and handicrafts.
$150: Pays a living stipend for 1 teacher.
$200: Provides a daily nutritious meal to 42 students.


DAYCARE AND Afterschool-learning centre In a coffee community 

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